Our daily team exists of 8 dynamic co-workers, each responsible for and specialized in specific parts of the adoption mediation work, which is complex and therefore requires special care and competences from our staff:

  • Ann Loos, Executive Director
  • Bart Neys, Responsible Intercountry Programs
  • Sandra Van Dingenen, Social Worker
  • Kathleen Poortmans, Social Worker and Co-worker Intercountry Programs
  • Katja Verbeek, Sworn Translator and Youth Worker Road to Roots Program
  • Marijke Houben, Child Psychologist with expertise in trauma


Our Team’s Tasks

  • Verification of suitability of prospective adoptive parents by means of intake conversations and informative sessions
  • File preparations and assistance
  • Preparation for inter-country adoption through seminars and informative meetings with adoptive and prospective adoptive parents;
  • Ensuring representation of FIAC-Horizon and its applicants in the various countries of origin and its authorities;
  • Counselling of prospective adoptive parents during the entire adoption process, before and after a placement
  • Providing post-adoptive care and counselling, Road to Roots program
  • Cooperation with central authorities, youth welfare and adoption workers and experts in Flanders, Belgium and abroad.